Outdoor Personal Coaching – 16 Hour Package (Tier 1 & 2)


Outdoor Personal Coaching – 16 Hour Package (Tier 1 & 2)


Unlock your fitness potential with grade Tier 1 & 2 Personal Coaching – 16 Hour Package (8 Week Program).

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Everyone has a different fitness goal. Our Coaches are here to help you meet and break past them. Unlock your fitness potential with a grade tier 1 & 2 Outdoor Personal Coaching Package inclusive of 16 hours (8 Week Program). Find the right workouts and techniques to get yourself moving, living and even breathing better.

Take Your Fitness Anywhere

Take the next step on your fitness journey at full steam and head out to our outdoor personal coaching sessions. Be surrounded by nature under fresh skies and enjoy the benefits of:

– Boosted Immunity – Be held accountable with realistic goals and motivation.

– More Flexibility – Exercise safely under the watchful eye of an experienced coach.

– Maintained Mobility – Cutting edge coaching with a passion for ‘fitness for life’.

– Losing Weight – Get guidance in other areas of wellness, including nutrition.

Get a 1-on-1 outdoor fitness session as a safe way to exercise – our coaches and instructors will always: Minimise physical contact with you, be wearing a mask, and ensure safety in your surroundings. Personalise your fitness coaching with a private session today, and FIND YOUR MOTIVATION.

*Coaches are subject to availability, purchasing this service on this webstore does not constitute a confirmed booking until verified by our customer representative, who will be in contact to arrange your program.


Fitness First Hong Kong Posture


Correct posture will reduce the stress and strain on your body. After adjusting how you hold yourself everyday, you’ll stand taller, move better, and feel less fatigued at the end of the day.

Fitness First Hong Kong Mobility


Good mobility allows your body to move the way it was designed to move – pain free and with a good range of motion.

Fitness First Hong Kong Core


Your core is part of almost every move you make. Strong core muscles act as a stabilizer, making moving safer and more efficient.

Fitness First Hong Kong Strength


Strength training helps you develop strong bones, manage weight and help you do everyday activities better and with more ease.

Fitness First Hong Kong Cardio


Improving your cardio will strengthen your stamina and endurance so you can work harder for longer and burn more calories.


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All our trainers are Certified Fitness Coaches. Their expertise is routinely assessed, reviewed and updated, and we make sure to pair you with the trainer whose expertise matches your goal.