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Vitruvian Trainer+


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The new Vitruvian Trainer+ is now available for Pre-Order!

The smartest, strongest digital weight now allows you to train with weight ranging from 0kg to 200kg in over 200 exercises.

Responding to your physical movement, the Vitruvian Trainer+ adjusts the force over 50 times per second. Acting as your personal spotter, both assisting and challenging you to perform well, the Trainer+ enables you to train both concentrically and eccentrically.


  • Simpler, safer and stronger accessory attachments
  • Smoother internal motors for a whisper silent machine
  • Enhanced heavy weight training – Up from 180kg (400lb) to 200kg (440lb)
  • Better low weight cardio training – perfect for exercises under 10kg for a more responsive experience.


  • Access to world class trainers with new classes added every week
  • The ability to create and share custom workouts from 200+ exercises
  • Access to technique tutorials and 4 to 12-week goal-oriented exercise programs
  • Access weekly and monthly statistics, muscle group tendencies, Personal Bests and performance data on each exercise.

Trainer smarter and harder than ever. Pre-Order Now For January 2022 Delivery*

*estimated 6-8 week delivery


Smart algorithms let you completely focus on your workout. The Vitruvian Trainer+ adapts to your unique capabilities, learns your habits and motivates you.

Without traditional weight stacks, the machine will push your limits, from 0lb to 440lb / 0kg to 200kg, whatever your range.

The Vitruvian Trainer+  puts the perfect weight in your hands. It guides you to find your ideal range. It knows exactly when to increase the load. And it comes back off at the precise moment you need it to.

Eccentric mode is how the Vitruvian Trainer+ truly changes the game, improving how even the pro’s do it.


Voltage Runs on 110–240 volts
Max power 1000 Watts
Weight of device 38 kg/80 lb
Transport Wheels and handle on one end
Resistance weight range 0kg/0lb to 200kg/440lb
Connectivity Bluetooth protocol; requires the Vitruvian App to function (compatible with Apple or Android)
Materials Extruded aluminum frame, carbon fibre composite shell
Dimensions 1170x520x115mm